Hello New Body!

Non-Invasive Cellulite Treatment Solution

Lose Those Stubborn Inches!

Are you one of the many adults that complain diet
and or exercise have failed you in losing a few inches?

Introducing BTL CELLUTONE™
BTL CELLUTONE™ uses the power of therapeutic
vibrations while ensuring unrivaled level of patient
comfort and safety. In aesthetic medicine, therapeutic
vibrations can contribute to increase lymphatic
drainage, waste elimination and blood flow.

Outstanding Results

Here are just a few of the amazing body transformations after using BTL CELLUTONE™

Cellulite Treatments in Colorado Springs

Cellutone uses the power of radiofrequency and targeted pressure energy over areas with cellulite. These two types of technology work together to improve connective tissue and tighten skin!



Contact us to schedule a consultation. After determining that Cellutone is the best treatment for your needs and goals, we'll create a custom treatment plan tailored to you!


You get to lay down and relax for Cellutone as your provider uses the handpiece over the treatment area(s). Most clients compare the feeling to a hot stone massage.


There is no downtime after your treatment, and you can achieve the best results possible after multiple treatment sessions. We typically recommend a minimum of 4 treatments spaced once or twice a week.


“The results are amazing! You will look great in just a few short sessions.”

Emily Davis

Frequently Asked Questions

We will recommend how often you should consider getting a Cellutone sessions once we evaluate your needs. We will create a customized plan for you.

Cellutone does not reduce fat. Its primary goal is to smooth out dimpling/cellulite by improving connective tissue below the surface and tightening skin. Emsculpt Neo reduces fat and builds muscle. Feel free to contact us about these other amazing solutions.
Those who want to smooth out areas of cellulite on their body are excellent candidates for Cellutone. We can determine this is the best treatment for you with a body sculpting consultation.