Non-Surgical Breast Lift
in Colorado Springs

What if there is a safer way to lift your breasts without having surgery?

Rise Wellness Lounge has the answer! With “Exilis Breast Lift,” we can help you to boost your confidence and self-esteem with the non-surgical breast lift method.


Boosting self-esteem

All types of body shapes are beautiful; there is nothing wrong with being happy in your own skin. However, it is not at all embarrassing to want a flawless body, shape, or beautiful physique. Women suppress their desire for bigger breasts; they opt for wearing padded bras forever. Some women face embarrassment in front of their partners by stuffing their bras with foam or wearing fake silicone bras.

The topmost cosmetic surgeries performed are breast augmentation or breast implants. Breast implants are medical devices implanted under the breast tissue or chest muscle. They are useful to increase breast size or to replace breast tissue that has even been removed due to some trauma or cancer. It’s a major step for women to undergo surgery for multiple reasons. Maybe for boosting self-esteem, having a properly balanced physique, sexual satisfaction with their partner or themselves, getting rid of the flat chest syndrome(macromastia), even for women that survive breast cancer. The major question that keeps us from getting breast implants is how safe are they?


Healthier and safer ways

Many women get unpromising and harmful products such as oils to increase their size, lift or mostly wear uncomfortable bras. That mostly carves deep lines into your body because of the straps. On the other hand, having to go through the process of getting an augmentation or surgical process is a big decision. Although, revamping a natural body part into an artificial one would require reliable products and substances that would not harm your body and satisfy you in the long run. Therefore, before getting implants, you should always get a proper understanding of your body structure, function, and immune system.

Many harmful effects have serious outcomes regarding breast implants, especially when the product is unreliable. These can counter the body’s anatomy if the person performing the surgery is not careful. Therefore, many people reject implants due to their side effects and high-priced treatments. Here are some common issues if the surgery is not performed well or care instructions and care are not given to the clients:


  • Scar tissue shrinking around the implant
  • Leakage in the implant due to rupture can cause small lumps called silicone granulomas to form
  • Rotation of the implant within the breast
  • “rippling” of the implant if a thin layer of tissue covers the implant
  • Infection that will usually require removal of the implant
  • Nerve damage to the nipples

What if there is another way to get the desired results but in safer ways? Rise Wellness Lounge presents an ‘Exilis breast lift’; it has worked wonders for many women. It has provided the results in a few days without harming your body. It’s a breakthrough non-surgical treatment for a breast lift.


Non-surgical breast lift

But we here in Rise Wellness are providing you with an opportunity to feel comfortable with the shape you have and just fix a few flaws with a less painful procedure with a Non-Surgical Breast Lift. If you are looking for the best types of Lifting with less harm, we have the solution!

Our team at Rise Wellness Lounge makes it possible for you to have a worthwhile treatment. Special care for you to make your Breasts look naturally extravagant and safe. This Exilis Breast gives the best results to Lift your Breast, boost your confidence and self-esteem. The natural substances that would not harm your body in any way. You do not have to wear padded bras, pushup bra, or silicone bras to cover your insecurities. The solution to your problem is through Non-Surgical Breast Lift. With Exilis Breast Lift at Rise Wellness Lounge you can just relax and be easily guided through the process for a safe and simple journey to get your BODY GOAL to come true.