Core To Floor Colorado Springs

A Holistic Solution to Strengthening Your Pelvic Floor

If you are looking to heal, fight incontinence, feel stronger, restore your core and pelvic floor and return to the life, you love, this is the program for you!

Core to floor is the first preventative and corrective solution to address your entire core muscle group by improving your strength, balance, posture, and potentially, alleviate back pain!


We utilize two HIFEM therapies to strengthen, firm and tone your abdomen and pelvic floor muscles and pelvic floor dysfunction. The result is increased muscle hypertrophy and hyperplasia and restoration of neuromuscular control, which can improve your strength, balance and incontinence…. the ultimate, non-surgical, pelvic floor treatment.


A Breakthrough Treatment for Incontinence And Confidence


Emsella® utilizes High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic (HIFEM) technology to stimulate deep pelvic floor muscles and restore your neuromuscular control. Each Emsella® session brings thousands of supramaximal pelvic floor muscle contractions, which are extremely important in re-education of your muscles.

One of the best parts of an Emsella® treatment is that you remain fully clothed during treatment, and there is absolutely NO downtime!…and research reports that 95% of treated patients have reported significant improvement in their quality of life after utilizing Emsella®.

As the only non-invasive device specifically FDA cleared for treating all kinds of urinary incontinence, it can treat the condition most efficiently. It is also logical that improving abdominal wall strength using the EMSculptNEO® will improve the results of the Emsella® treatment of the pelvic floor musculature.



Build Muscle To Feel Stronger


EMSculptNEO® is the first and only non-invasive body shaping procedure that combines two energies for simultaneous fat elimination and muscle building in a 30-minute session.

EMSculptNEO® uses high-intensity focused electromagnetic fields to stimulate muscle contraction in the abs. Each 30-minute session induces supramaximal contractions that equate to 20,000 sit-ups.


“Patients who undergo Core to Floor therapy have shown a significant increase in quality of life and often revert back to activities, like exercising, that that they had forgone before treatment” says Wellness Director, Meagan Reynolds


$ 4,699
  • Price based on 6 rounds of Emsella® & EMSculptNEO® to give the best results on your journey to better health.