Rise Wellness Lounge

Men's Treatments


Today, men are pressured to maintain a more attractive and youthful look. They are therefore looking for procedures that do not take too long to perform but achieve natural and long-lasting results in the hands of experienced professionals. The common procedures include tightening, lifting, and smoothing skin treatments, and enhancement of features such as jawline are treatments performed extremely effectively at our clinic.


We aim to deliver the most natural results. Once you have achieved your aesthetic goals, we can advise you on maintenance programs and provide you with the utmost aftercare. Our wellness lounge is very discreet, so you visit us with confidence.


At Rise Wellness Lounge, we have many skincare options, including the Tri-Lift, Exilis, and Laser treatments can smooth fine lines, create a natural-looking, more lifted appearance, and restore youthful elasticity to the skin.

The aim is a natural, relaxed look rather than a startled one.

Your journey starts with an initial consultation where we take the time to understand your concerns, habits, and lifestyle and, together, create a tailored plan to achieve your goals.


EMSculptNEO® and Exilis® are very popular for removing stubborn areas of fat, improving the shape of the abdomen and love handles, and building muscle in the calves, legs, and abs to discover newfound confidence. These revolutionary body sculpting procedures lift and tone areas of your body without surgery.

EMSculptNEO® builds muscle and reduces unwanted fat simultaneously, meaning you can enjoy a noticeably more defined body, including the abdomen, arms, legs, and buttocks.

In addition, they do not take too long to perform either – many procedures only take an hour or even less, making it extremely convenient. Rise Wellness programs can be created for you to meet all your goals and timescales.


Core to Floor


Improve Your Strength, Balance, and Incontinence

Core to floor therapy is the first preventative and corrective solution to address your entire core muscle group by improving your strength, balance, and posture and potentially alleviating back pain!


We utilize two HIFEM therapies (Emsella® chair & EMSculptNEO®) to strengthen, firm, and tone your abdomen and pelvic floor muscles and pelvic floor dysfunction.

The result is increased muscle hypertrophy and hyperplasia and restoration of neuromuscular control, which can improve your strength, balance, and incontinence….the ultimate, non-surgical pelvic floor treatment.


One innovative therapy uses low-intensity shockwaves to provide long-term relief of Erectile Dysfunction (ED) symptoms. Rise Wellness Lounge offers the BTL Cellutone treatment for ED.

BTL Cellutone therapy treats blood flow issues within the penis that can cause erectile problems. 

Here at Rise Wellness Lounge in Colorado Springs, we use the BTL Cellutone device to send low-intensity acoustic pulse waves into your penis. The pulse waves break up micro-plaques which clog blood vessels. In addition, the pulse waves promote the production of nitric acid. Nitric acid increases blood circulation and stimulates new blood vessels in your penis.

The painless treatment improves blood flow problems without prescription medications or invasive surgery.


Champions aren’t just made with our Medical Gym at Rise Wellness Lounge but in the kitchen! 

We can help you with proper nutrition, balancing blood sugar, anti-inflammatory diets, high cholesterol, hypertension, diabetes, and more. 


Are you a male bothered by excess fat on your chest, also sometimes called “man boobs”? If so, you may have gynecomastia, a common condition often caused by hormonal imbalance.


While traditional gynecomastia surgery can help you achieve a flatter chest, it is also associated with potential scarring and significant recovery time.


Scarless gynecomastia surgery can melt away unwanted tissue and tighten tissue using radiofrequency (RF) heat energy for effective results without the surgery. This will leave you with the flatter, more masculine chest you desire without taking extra time off.


Here at Rise Wellness Lounge, we use the radiofrequency energy of BTL’s Exilis for the results you desire without surgery.

Rise Wellness programs can be created for you to meet all your goals and timescales. Our wellness lounge is very discreet, so you visit us with confidence.